Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions 

Is gold filled real gold? Yes, but not solid gold. Gold filled is a minimum of 5% solid gold, the gold is bonded onto a base layer. 

Can I shower with my gold fill jewelry on? Of course! But we'd recommend where possible to remove your pieces, as soaps and detergents can damage beads and semiprecious gems or pearls over time. 

Can I workout in my gold fill jewelry? We'd recommend removing your pieces before heading to the gym or exercise. Plus, health and safety. 

I have sensitive skin, can I wear gold filled jewelry? Absolutely, if you can wear gold, you can wear gold filled. 

What is polymer clay? Polymer clay is a type of modelling clay made of PVC, which is plastic. It typically contains no clay minerals, but its mouldable and hardening properties are similar hence its colloquial designation as clay. Polymer clay when cured and baked properly is a very flexible and durable material, perfect for earrings and barrettes!

What other materials are used? Hypoallergenic posts and earring backs are used, made of stainless steel. Connecting rings (jump rings) are either 14k gold plated or gold coated brass. Charms are primarily brass unless otherwise stated on the individual product description. Earring posts are double secured with a strong adhesive then cured again with liquid clay.

Are polymer clay earrings heavy? Nope, light as a feather! Polymer clay earrings are super light and comfortable to wear, even the biggest most extra pairs. They are perfect for people with weight sensitive earlobes or those who want a statement piece but don't want the bulk. 

Are these sustainably made? We shy away from throwing around words like eco-friendly and sustainable because of the grey area associated with these terms. But you can be certain that making sustainable choices is at the forefront of all of our packaging choices and how we source our supplies to create products. 

Some of the ways we make sustainable choices

    • sourcing materials from other small businesses in New Zealand and Australia 
    • you may notice our shipping boxes are not always the same, this is because we always reuse suitable shippers to give them another go before they hit the recycle bin 
    • using recycled pop starch packing peanuts and packing paper from supply orders 
    • we use up everything and very rarely is clay wasted, unless something goes terribly wrong. Scrap clay is remixed and used in new collections


Cleaning and care tips and tricks can be found here.

Any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch, we'd be delighted to help.